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What to Know about Taxes & Natural Disasters


You might have heard the news: this season is gearing up to be the most intense hurricane season we’ve seen yet. Coupled with the increase in major weather events, like tornadoes, wildfires and earthquakes, we’ve got disaster preparedness on our minds. When a devastating natural event occurs, your top priority is the safety of your [...]

What to Know about Taxes & Natural Disasters2024-06-21T16:45:36-04:00

Can your social media be used against you by the IRS?


Social media can get a pretty bad reputation, but it has helped us connect with family and friends in faraway places, learn new skills and recipes, and get up-to-date information about important events and breaking news. The IRS would also agree that social media can be a good thing, mostly in that it helps them [...]

Can your social media be used against you by the IRS?2024-05-27T14:52:24-04:00

Why Bookkeeping is Important for Small Businesses


2023 saw a record-breaking 5.5 million new applications for businesses filed in the United States, breaking previous records held in 2020, 2021, and 2022. Post-pandemic small business growth has helped a lot of people turn the tragedy of unexpected job loss into a new passion and purpose. But with these exciting new ventures comes a [...]

Why Bookkeeping is Important for Small Businesses2024-04-23T14:14:12-04:00

Look out for Wellness Scams Targeting HSA’s


Health savings accounts (HSA’s) have grown in popularity in recent years as healthcare costs have continued to increase. They allow you to put money away and withdraw it pre-tax to use for qualified medical purposes. Banks and other financial institutions offer this account to those who have eligible healthcare plans, usually known as high-deductible health [...]

Look out for Wellness Scams Targeting HSA’s2024-03-22T11:43:06-04:00

Can my Pet be a Tax-Deductible Business Mascot?


Tax influencers - they’re everywhere. They are particularly pervasive this time of year with tax season starting. Recently a particular "tax influencer" shared a questionable strategy for how they wrote off a horse they acquired. They simply made it a mascot for their tax strategy firm, genius right? Well, not exactly - before you round [...]

Can my Pet be a Tax-Deductible Business Mascot?2024-02-19T10:15:12-05:00

Is Your Independent Contractor Really an Employee?


With the rise of freelancing, companies have enjoyed the benefits of getting important work done without the sometimes arduous process of setting up a new employee and managing their tax withholding. However, what happens when employees are misclassified as independent contractors? Although this is sometimes a purposeful choice on behalf of employers looking to exploit [...]

Is Your Independent Contractor Really an Employee?2024-01-23T10:36:14-05:00

How are Holiday Bonuses Taxed?


The holiday season is wonderful for so many reasons - special time with family and loved ones, cheerful festivities, gift giving and year-end work bonuses. If you are fortunate enough to receive a bonus at your work, you might be wondering how exactly it's taxed and what you’ll be left with afterwards. Before you share [...]

How are Holiday Bonuses Taxed?2023-12-28T12:48:39-05:00

Does my business need an EIN?


With a new year comes new goals, and for some that might mean starting a new business venture. Starting a new business can be an exciting and rewarding journey but there is a lot to consider when diving in. One question we often hear is "Does my business need an EIN?". An EIN (Employee Identification [...]

Does my business need an EIN?2023-11-22T16:18:20-05:00

How to Safeguard Your Tax Documents


In today’s digital world, many people engage with tax documents through electronic communications like bank statements, accounting software, and more. Utilizing digital platforms can mean extra security for your financial records and an easy-to-access paper trail for those who are technologically savvy. However, many essential tax documents like W2’s are still paper copies sent by [...]

How to Safeguard Your Tax Documents2023-10-18T16:47:00-04:00

Can I deduct my swimming pool?


There’s a lot of outlandish tax advice circulating on the internet. However, there is one incredulous-sounding claim that is actually partially true - and that’s the fact that you can deduct your swimming pool. Sometimes. As always, there are a lot of caveats and conditions that need to be met for this to be a [...]

Can I deduct my swimming pool?2023-09-27T16:23:35-04:00
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