We have used ClarkSilva’s accounting services since we started our company and will continue to use them as we grow. We consider Keith to be part of the team and he has been instrumental in our growth. ClarkSilva has provided affordable, accurate and reliable accounting services for us as well as solid advice. I highly recommend ClarkSilva to anyone who needs a trustworthy and knowledgeable accountant.

Josh Huck - Owner, Estimatica

We have used ClarkSilva’s accounting expertise, both professionally and personally, for several years. They have not only saved us thousands of dollars, but the process is so much easier and smoother than past experiences. While Keith’s skills are professional and technical, he manages to break everything in easy to understand, and easy to implement components. We never worry about filing deadlines and requirements because ClarkSilva has it covered. Before ClarkSilva, we went through a revolving door of tax professionals. Don’t waste your time with other firms because I can assure you that your experience with ClarkSilva will be truly exceptional!

Jonathan & Mona Reese - Co-Owners, Brightstar Solar

When I first met with Keith to discuss our finances, I immediately felt comfortable. ClarkSilva is up to speed on all of the latest tax changes, etc. and is always quick to share anything that may impact us. For the years that I have worked with them, they have always had our best interests in mind and have done what they can to protect our finances. ClarkSilva always responds in a timely manner and supplies anything we need as quickly as possible. We are not regular clients – we operate more quickly than most people and expect a lot. ClarkSilva has not disappointed and has our full trust.

Kyle & Sara Seyboth - Co-Owners, The Seyboth Real Estate Team

ClarkSilva has been awesome to work with. They are my go-to resource for all my tax questions and concerns. They are timely and professional in all of their communications. I have loved working with them and would definitely recommend them to anyone looking for a great accountant!

Patrick Clarke - Founder & CEO, Cape Clasp

I started working with Keith several years ago to handle the accounting and tax preparation for our multi-family properties. I was searching for a CPA who could offer a certain level of guidance regarding real estate taxes and the large firm I used prior was not nearly as hands-on or accessible. More recently, my husband and I purchased a hotel and our taxes have become even more complex. ClarkSilva continues to be responsive, knowledgeable and extremely helpful. I have recommended them to several friends and will continue to do so. Thank you Keith! Taxes are slightly less dreadful with you on our team.

Christina DiPierro - Owner, Rathbone Mansions Hotel, New Orleans

ClarkSilva Accountants have been instrumental in our growth as a business. We wish to particularly compliment the willingness of the accountants to provide constructive and expert advice. Their knowledge has been beneficial to the business development of D.R. Stonework and Landscape, LLC and would be for other businesses, who need a cost-effective service and advice.

ClarkSilvas’ expert facilities and highly professional services are far more personalized than what you would experience from using any other accountancy firm.

We have confidence that ClarkSilva will continue to handle our financial affairs with professionalism, due diligence and precision.

Danny Rotondi - Owner, D.R. Stonework and Landscape LLC

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